Slip and Fall Facts


  • For every $1.00 spent on Floor Care, Supermarkets spend $3.00 for Slip & Fall claims.
  • Among seniors, slips and falls are #1 cause of accidental deaths. Every 18 seconds a senior citizen is admitted to hospital from a slip and fall injury.
  • Slips and Falls kill more workers than all other combined forms of workplace accidents.
  • Compensation and Medical cost from employee Slips & Falls total approximately $70 Billion yearly.
  • One in three serious bone breaks for seniors result in death within one year of the accident.
  • Most major companies allocate $50,000 anytime there is a slip and fall on their premises so as to deal with the issue.
  • According to OSHA and The American Disabilities Act: Passed by congress in July 1992,Title III notes: For all business open to the public, flooring and walkways should have a friction coefficient of .60 or above and ramps should have a friction coefficient of .80 or above. There are penalties for failure to comply (up to $50K first offense) and tax benefits for businesses that take steps to comply.